Acnes Strawberry Mask

Brand: Acnes

Agency: Circus Digital

Production: Startling Production

Published/Aired: September 28,2018

Posted: November 13, 2018



It’s Back-to-school season and Acnes wanted to promote it’s new products, Acnes Anti-Blackhead cleanse & Mask and Acnes Clear Patch. What better way to promote new products than to create another new product? We created “The Strawberry Nose Face Mask” to show teens that there are other options to “cover” up your pimples. We use Hoang Yen Chibi, the ambassador of Acnes, as a trendsetter for this “fake product” and reveal the real ones at the end as the only product that can help teens get rid of acne problems.

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Client: Acnes
Agency: Circus Digital
Production: Starling Production
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