AD STARS – international advertising festival

AD STARS is the only international advertising festival which combines creativity with cutting-edge technology. It aims to share creative solutions and change the world.
As its ultimate value is “humanity”, we strive to become a communication platform to contribute to mankind.

  • Social GoodAD STARS contributes to the happiness of mankind particularly by actively promoting public service advertisements that promote positive change in the world. Every year, our Grand Prix of the Year winner for Public Service Advertising is awarded with US$10,000 – a prize designed to support the creation of future world-changing ideas.
  • OpennessWe aim to be a festival for everyone interested in creativity, not just those working in the advertising industry. So the AD STARS Awards are free-to-enter. We passionately believe in providing a global awards platform that is accessible to everyone – even those who have limited funds to spend on entering award shows. It’s the reason we invite the general public to experience AD STARS free-of-charge at our annual festival in Busan, South Korea.
  • Discover DiversityAD STARS respects cultural diversity. We highly value creative ideas that reflect each region’s culture and market. By sharing advertising campaigns that reflect different cultures, we seek to promote a better understanding of markets around the world.
  • New ParadigmAD STARS centers around a new paradigm in the creative industries that encompasses interactive and digital innovations. It’s our mission to introduce creative professionals to the latest digital technologies used in the field of advertising.
  • Creative SolutionsAD STARS celebrates ideas that promote creative change in the world. By raising awareness of creative solutions that change the world, we hope to encourage agencies to take the lead in making the world a better place.

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