The Truth Unveiled

In India, a woman gets burned or attacked with acid every hour. The Indian media consistently blurs the faces of the victims.

By blurring their faces, the truth of their suffering remains hidden and ignored. Because of this, the harsh truth of acid attacks remains unaddressed. 

One brave woman, forced India to face the truth.  

On India’s leading English news show, Asma unveiled her scars and gave thousands of scared, hidden and voiceless women a voice… and a face 

For the first time ever an acid attack victim unveiled her scars on national news. 

The event received over 100,000,000 views.

Because of India’s general apathy towards domestic abuse, and more specifically the severity of acid attacks, Asma unveiling her scars on national news had huge and revolutionary impact.

This was the first time ever that an acid attack victim unveiled their scars on national news.

Over 100 million people witnessed the event and were forced to face the truth of the situation.

 Thousands of women across India were inspired to unveil their own scars of abuse, whether that be physical or emotional.

A national movement was sparked and doors were opened to discuss acid attacks and the culture of silence and obscuring, that enables them.

Not only was the impact huge in India, but the event gained international support through worldwide media coverage.


TITLE: The Truth Unveiled

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